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About Our School

Macklin School was established in 1909, when a one room school was built on the site of the present school. In 1912, this building was moved to make room for a three room brick school. In October 1934, disaster struck. Macklin’s now seven room school was destroyed by fire. Despite the depression another brick building was built with five rooms and a full basement. In 1954 an addition with more classrooms, an office and furnace room was added. 

In 1984, the 1934 and 1954 portions of the school were demolished to make way for another addition which was completed in 1985. This addition increased the classrooms to thirteen, plus an Industrial Arts and Fine Arts room, resource center, computer area, staff room, phys. ed. storage room, dental clinic, office area and new shower rooms. After the closing of Senlac school, two portables were added to the south side of the school. The final addition in 2008 was another gymnasium with bath/change rooms.​

Macklin School currently has just under 350 students from grade PreK to 12, with 24 teachers, 2 secretaries, 9 educational assistants, 1 librarian and 3 caretakers.